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Welcome to the Free Psychic Network web site. Our service is comprised of online psychics that volunteer their time, spiritual gifts, and expert counsel. We provide both public and private free psychic readings for our esteemed visitors. Moreover, to get the online advice you need just navigate to our psychic questions forum. On the forum, you may contact us via private message, or post a public online free psychic reading request.

Asking a question on our forum is straightforward. Just navigate to the forum using the upper toolbar navigation link labeled "Questions & Answers". Then sign up and ask your question via forum post or instant private message. Many peers, psychics, and advice givers answer free psychic readings requests and are online daily.

Another great feature of our site is the psychic readings blog. Our blog provides informative articles, archived predictions, and insight into the human condition. Authoritative experts as well as our in house writing staff contribute quality content regularly on topics like love, spirituality, society, and the esoteric arts.

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However, if you are interested in immediate online advice we update this page with weekly, and monthly readings for your convenience. These predictions provide general guidance and advice about the global spiritual forces that are bound to affect your life locally. We hope our forecast assists you in planning your activities for the optimal weekly, and monthly spiritual periods.

Monthly and Weekly Advice & Guidance Column for April 2014

Free Weekly Read for April 20, 2014

You find ambition driving you forward this week. You enter conversations with alacrity, as your sharp ideas become flowing words that convey concise meaning. Now is the time for action as your mental clarity peaks towards mid-week. You feel a definitive sense of confidence about your decisions as you make all the right moves towards your goals. Come weeks end you feel rejuvenated despite all of the hard work you put into making things happen… time to kick back, and relax because you made it rain this week.

Gimel's Psychic Reading for April 2014

You find yourself feeling agile and nimble this month. Issues pose little problem for you as you realistic approach each situation with a can do attitude. You especially feel comfortable trying developing several different solutions to a single problem and trying each one to find the best fit for you.

Planning provides you with the comfort of knowing if the chips are down you have an ace in the hole. Contingency plans provide you with the security to move forward while minimizing your downside risks. You also view failure as a learning experience this month rather than wallowing in self-pity.

You also feel a greater sense of control this month as you identify, accept, and “let go” of issues outside of your zone of control. Moreover, you find your zone of influence increasing as a direct result of these activities. Faith is the key this month so have the courage to believe things will be all right even without your direct involvement, intervention, or guidance.

You enjoy new-found success this month but choose to share it with others rather than wall in self-glorification. Moreover, you experience a true sense of happiness as you share the secrets of your success with others that admire and look up to you.

Overall, you find success this month as long as you allow the universe to bring it to you. Pushing to hard and forcing issues do not work out well for you this month. Send out positive confident vibrations into the universe fully expecting seven fold returns.

In addition to all of the live readings, predictions, and online answers we offer, the Free Psychic Network also provides a variety of free automated readings online, for your enjoyment. Genres for the automated oracles include esoteric topics like tarot, astrology, numerology, and cartomancy. Although these topics encompass the vast majority of what most individuals attribute to the psychic and spiritual genre as a whole, we hope to expand this narrow scope of topics by drawing upon, enlarging, and integrating interrelated topical ideas that enhance our views by broadening our perspective of a subject most often viewed through a very narrow lens. Therefore, we also put forth some secular ideas and topics in the hopes of integrating some less known "mainstream" categories into the broader scope of spirituality, and mysticism as a whole. Moreover, these topics include but are not restricted to psychical science, physics, history, culture, and society. Furthermore, to access these automated features as well as read the articles on topics relating to them just navigate to the section of the site you are interested in, and use the tabular link menus, or forms to generate the free online reading you would like to receive.

In addition, to these free online automated features we offer free readings via email with phone confirmation. Therefore, if you prefer comprehensive psychic advice just reach out to us at Gimel@freepsychicnetwork.com to request a free psychic reading. Award winning psychic reader Gimel (a two-time award winner for 2012 and 2013) will prepare a reading, or forecast for you free of charge. Please limit the scope of your request to the services defined in our service list located in the lower right sidebar of this page (below the main content on a mobile device).

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Furthermore, as a means of subsidizing our comprehensive online free psychic reading services we work closely with a third party psychic service provider that offers online psychics, and quality readings. There are a few reasons that we provide access to these third party services on our site, and for complete transparency, we will outline them below.

  1. They help us keep our psychic readings free to the public by paying us a fee for client referrals.
  2. They increase the quality of our site by ensuring high availability of service.
  3. They are honest services with the highest ethical standards that we feel offer an additional value to the visitors of our site.

Most importantly, although we work closely with other services, our quality content offering expands often. Therefore, please check back daily so you do not miss out on any of our new content.

The Free Psychic Network Mission Statement

The Free Psychic Network strives to provide a means for people looking for online psychics, free readings, and quality spiritual advice to get it. We believe that all individuals regardless of age, creed, gender, religion, or orientation deserve respect. We believe all individuals have unique and valuable insights, ideas, and experiences.

We aim to provide a public forum that broadens our perspectives. We emphasize the integration of our corporal nature, mind, and spiritual being, on our site. We believe these concepts form the foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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