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Gimel's Free Psychic Readings Column

Daily Readings for the Week Beginning July 20, 2014
  • Sunday July 20th: You love a good conversation today so get out and share the love with others.
  • Monday July 21st: You suspect someone, in your circle, of spreading rumors about you. You find confronting them, in an assertive manner, helps you address the issue, in an appropriate way.
  • Tuesday July 22nd: You find your significant other inspiring you to do new things, in your life. You also feel a strong creative influence possibly your child driving you towards a new form of creative self-expression.
  • Wednesday July 23rd: You find that words roll of your tongue with ease. It is a great day to convey important ideas to others.
  • Thursday July 24th: You find your imagination a welcome refuge from the real world today.
  • Friday July 25th: You feel sharp as a tack today. It is a great day to find solutions to issues that you recently could not resolve.
  • Saturday July 26th: You feel reinvigorated today. A powerfully transformative experience empowers you to recreate your self-image, in a positive way.
Monthly Psychic Reading for July 2014 by the Week

The month of July energizes you mind, body, and spirit. You strongly value independence, family, and communication, but find authority figures quite bothersome. Thinking outside of the box, this month, fuels your mind with ideas and insights that foster self-growth. You also experience heightened mental acuity, which provides you with great focus, clarity, and visibility for most of the month.

The first week of July is a great week to convey your message to others. You feel a profound inner joy in expressing yourself verbally. However, you must temper your exuberance to maintain an assertive tone in your conversations. Moreover, any conversations with authority figures or higher ups will require extra tact on your part as a difference of opinions especially ones regarding family could lead to a verbal clash of wits.

Your spirit of independence resounds during the second week of the month. This is definitely not a good week for conformity as you feel a spirit of freedom that drives you to experience new things in new ways. Moreover, you gravitate towards a more antiestablishment viewpoint and anyone over thirty is suspect in trying to keep you down. As the week ends, you find yourself feeling more grounded. You feel like you need to get in touch with your inner self through introspection and constructive guidance from close friends and family.

Your thinking cap is on during the third week of the month, and your mind is firing on all cylinders. Moreover, you experience a turbo boost of energy as your emotional energy levels propel you into high gear. This is a great week for getting things done right. Therefore, make sure to include long-term planning in your schedule towards the end of this week. Make sure you also enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation at a good movie, art expo, or music venue over the weekend.

You find self-expression very important during the fourth week of July. Unwilling to compromise your values you find yourself shooting from the hip in conversations. Your rapier wit cuts to the quick as your keen intellect processes input faster than a smart phone. However, you find yourself at the receiving end of some harsh words as you ruffle a few feathers with your pure unfiltered thought. You even feel slightly impish at times delighting in your clever ways. Feeling a little selfish this week, you decide to indulge a little on yourself.

As the month comes to an end organizing and planning to the nth degree takes up most of your time. However, during your free moments you find yourself thinking about romance. Now is a great time to go on a date or actively pursue a love interest.

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