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Psychic Gimel's Spiritual Forecasts

Daily Readings for the Week Beginning June 28, 2015

  • Sunday June 28th: You find financial ideas flowing for you today. If you put off making a major purchase recently today is your best chance to negotiate a phenomenal deal. You may find yourself in position to sell or facilitate a sale for another either way you meet with great success.
  • Monday June 29th: A hint of romance lingers in the air. You feel a strong physical attraction towards another. Your high energy levels and drive may even move you to act on your instincts.
  • Tuesday June 30th: You feel a strong sense of self-confidence in your personal life. However, you find yourself focusing on the global picture today. The group conscious plays a more central role in your life st the moment.
  • Wednesday July 1st: Big dreams fill your mind with infinite possibilities. You feel greater than the sum of your parts. Reaching for the almost surreal brass ring of your dream world may just provide the vehicle to change what you felt hard coded in your stars.
  • Thursday July 2nd: Your strong energetic personality asserts itself outwardly affecting positive change in your life. You feel confident conveying succinct messages to others. Moreover, your high-energy level and clear thought process almost guarantees buy in from others in your circle.
  • Friday July 3rd: Be wary of envious or jealous people in your immediate environment. Others may see you as a threat and seek to derail your projects. Be especially mindful of office politics as you may find some passive aggressive individuals manipulating circumstances to further themselves at your expense.
  • Saturday July 4th: You feel as though you must champion your code of ethics today. Others may challenge your beliefs, but you stick steadfast to your personal platform. You feel little tolerance for those that change their social views at the drop of a hat.

Spiritual Analysis for Monday the 6th of July 2015

This is an image of the Empress card
Daily Tarot:
The Empress
This is an image of the planet Jupiter
The Daily Planet:
This is an image of the Number SixThis is an image of the Number Seven
This is an image of the Number Three
Daily Numerology: 6 7 3

Lucky Numbers for July 6, 2015

Daily Numbers: 531
Pick Four: 5395
Power Lottery: 38, 39, 30, 44, 03
Magic Power Ball: 33
Mega Lottery: 02, 50, 03, 47, 31
Magic Mega Ball: 03

Monthly Spiritual Evaluation for July 2015 by the Week

July marks a period of new beginnings for you. Looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle in your life, you gain some integral insight into how to become a more complete individual. However, as with any spiritual growth process you find issues to overcome which may cause emotional discomfort as you work through them.

During the first week of July, you find your mind shifting towards your long-term success. You find yourself looking to break out of the mold you cast for yourself in order to further your career. Seeking a new perspective on your current skill set, you start to reformulate them in order to see how they might enhance your value as an employee. Moreover, your continuous process of self-improvement shows in your work product, which prompts immediate supervisors and coworkers to express their appreciation for a job well done.

During the second week of the month, you feel driven forward by a unifying desire to simplify your complicated lifestyle. You feel wistful often reminiscing on younger days when life was simpler. A strong yearning for your ideal love leads you through past relationships and into your future desire for a soul mate. At times, you become so engrossed in the idyllic view of your perfect world that others find you emotionally unavailable. Moreover, because of your passionate embrace of romanticism others may find you sharp and poignant at times, which could lead to a heated debate or argument.

During the third week of the month, you a find yourself at odds with the authority you give others in your life. Moreover, you feel an authoritarian or overbearing individual infringing on your personal freedoms. Rather than rebel, you decide to confide in a trusted patriarchal or matriarchal figure in your life. After some time processing your feelings around the middle of the week, you begin to feel the sense of oppression leaving your conscious thoughts. As clarity, returns to your life towards the end of the week you feel a creative spirit take hold allowing you to think and express yourself more freely. Furthermore, even though your ideology runs contrary to those in authority by the end of the week you learn to appreciate the need to respect differing points of view even when they oppose your personal school of thought.

During the last week of July, you feel a need to belong to a social group larger than your immediate family or friends. You feel as though you need to affect positive change in the world based on your personal belief system. Joining a community group, church, or charitable organization that jibes with your philosophy fills a gap in your life that leaves you feeling empty at times. Moreover, your strong organizational skills coupled with your ability to efficiently multi-task contribute a much-needed asset to any organization you might join.

Most importantly during the month of July, make sure to stay true to yourself. Letting others dictate what you should and should not believe only leads to inner conflict. Overall, the month has its difficulties, but in the end you find yourself, a more balanced and centered individual.

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