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Psychic Gimel's Spiritual Forecasts

Daily Readings for the Week Beginning November 23, 2014

  • Sunday November 23rd: Mind your manners as vulgarity may creep into your heated words inflaming an already volatile situation. Although, your rapier words make their point skillfully another’s counterpoint may end up stinging you in the end.
  • Monday November 24th: A stark realization moves you towards an overdue decision. Moreover, you find that in order to move forward you must trim to the bone, and rebuild from the ground up.
  • Tuesday November 25th: Realizing the mistakes you made in the past opens your eyes to the need to get right with others. You feel a sense of humility as you approach the task of apologizing and asking for forgiveness.
  • Wednesday November 26th: Although, you feel strongly about your worldviews try not to let opposition polarize your environment. Tolerance for the views of others provides the keys to successfully negotiating your day.
  • Thursday November 27th: Feeling slightly disconnected from the world today, you find some quality time alone comforting. A nice hot bath, a home cooked meal, and good read are definitely in order today.
  • Friday November 28th: Invigorated with life today you feel an adventurous spirit compelling you to try something new. Moreover, a deviation from your meticulously scripted schedule adds some much needed zest to your life.
  • Saturday November 29th: A sense of surrealism fills your imagination with Aquarian ideas. You may also feel a strong desire for romance. Some candles, a fine wine, and a soulful interlude with a significant other may just take you to the next level in your relationship.

Spiritual Analysis for Saturday the 18th of April 2015

This is an image of a tarot card.
Daily Tarot Card: High Priestess
This is an image of a zodiac sign.
Daily Moon Sign: Pisces
This is an image of an astrological planetary symbol.
The Daily Planet: The Moon
This is an image of the Number NineThis is an image of the Number Four
This is an image of the Number Three
Daily Numerology: 9 4 3

Lucky Numbers for April 18, 2015

Daily Numbers: 216
Pick Four: 3446
Power Lottery: 10, 47, 25, 03, 08
Magic Power Ball: 06
Mega Lottery: 47, 50, 08, 11, 38
Magic Mega Ball: 03

Monthly Spiritual Evaluation for November 2014 by the Week

November starts with promise, however as the month progresses some dark clouds appear on the horizon. The first week of the month lulls us with an idyllic ebb and flow, but the issues start abruptly after this with a breakdown in communication skills during the second week of the month. Heightened emotions, high stress levels, and idealism energize issues during the third week of the month -- leaving a wake of damage behind. However, a return to logical thinking during the fourth week of the month allows for some repairs and tidying up. Nevertheless, poor decisions and short tempers make for a very volatile month ahead.

Your heightened communication skills affect your life on all levels during the first week of November. From deep personal insights to the intense conversations you enjoy with others, you find your ability to listen clearly and speak succinctly honed sharp as a blade. Towards the end of the week, you feel driven to succeed. Moreover, your ambition, assertiveness, and positive attitude synergize your nimble words -- projecting all the right signals to all the right people at all the right times. Expect those in authority, especially on the job, to take notice.

Although a clear path to success becomes evident during the second week of November, the thought of compromising with others leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Moreover, your willfulness to do things in your own way based on an unrealistic code of ethics causes you to try to impose your will on others, in order to get what you want. This oppressive tactic coupled with your sharp words leaves you standing alone -- fully accountable for your folly. As the second week of November progresses, however, you manage to shrug off the deep embarrassment you feel with a few witty comments and a solemn vow to learn from your mistakes. Expect a good chiding from a more experienced colleague or venerable patriarch.

You find little solace from the everyday responsibilities that nip at your resolve adding a wearisome level of stress to your life. However, you do find the mental fortitude to sally through the mire and muck towards the high ground. Nevertheless, although you manage to muddle through the week, you develop a deep sense of resentment towards those you feel should be helping you during your time of need. You grow wistful towards week’s end, finding yourself reminiscing about the simpler times of the not that distant past. You may even make a brash decision or two at the end of the week just to resolve the cumbersome issues at hand. However, you may learn a hard lesson because of these self-serving decisions, which will only quell your desire for immediate gratification until the next obstacle comes along.

You find the last several days of November charged with emotional energy. Tempers flare while your supply of tolerance reaches a localized low. Therefore, you can expect several arguments or disputes to embody the bulk of your week. Towards the end of the final week of November, expect things to cool down as reasoning and logic return to your life. In hindsight, you reflect on the mistakes that you made, and on the people, you may have offended. In the end, you decide to take the high road and apologize for your harsh words. Reflecting on the past, you also find application for prior experiences in your current situation. Although fatigued from the difficulties of the recent past you find comfort in looking to a brighter tomorrow.

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