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Psychic Gimel's Readings & Predictions

Daily Readings for the Week of April 30th, 2017
  • Global Reading for Sunday April 30th: You may feel pressure mounting today but staying focused on tasks helps to keep you centered. Try to avoid confrontations and meandering ruminations.
  • Global Reading for Monday May 1st: You may feel a little lost as your inner spiritual compass seems off. Taking the time to mediate and do s deep breathing may help to calm your nerves somewhat. Try a nice cup of chamomile tea instead of coffee today.
  • Global Reading for Tuesday May 2nd: You may feel like the troubles of the world rest squarely on your shoulders. Separating your issues from the issues of the world goes a long way in easing your mind.
  • Global Reading for Wednesday May 3rd: You have little tolerance for the disorganization of others. You may feel like things move to slowly and that others are hindering your progress. As your frustration, mounts be mindful of your mental filters because you may be prone to an angry outburst especially towards someone in authority.
  • Global Reading for Thursday May 4th: Your rebellious attitude may land you in trouble today. You feel boxed in by the power structure in your environment. You feel the need to exert your independence from the constraints placed on you by others. It is best to avoid confrontation today as your sharp words may hurt the feelings of others.
  • Global Reading for Friday April 5th: You may feel plagued by inner conflict and turmoil. You sense the outside world encroaching on your inner space. Finding a safe space for your thoughts and ideas seems hard to find. It may almost feel as if the outside world is rushing in filling a vacuum – turning your inner world upside down.
  • Global Reading for Saturday April 6th: This is a good day to get back to center. Take some time for yourself. A nice walk by a calm body of water may help clear your mind. Try to start making some sense of the drama in your life and in the world around you. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together may help you to see the bigger picture.
Scopes & Signs for Wednesday the 13th of June 2018
This is an image of the High Priestess card
Daily Tarot:
The High Priestess
This is an image of the Moon
The Daily Planet:
The Moon
This is an image of the Number FourThis is an image of the Number Six
This is an image of the Number Two
Daily Numerology:
4 6 2
Lottery Number Predictions for June 13, 2018

These are master psychic Gimel's lottery predictions. They are based on proprietary psychic intuition, and an interdisciplinary formula to divine daily numerical influences, in our lives. These numbers are meant for entertainment, and do not reflect actual numbers drawn on any given day in any way.

Daily Numbers: 951
Pick Four: 1651
Power Lottery: 09, 28, 06, 16, 15
Magic Power Ball: 05
Mega Lottery: 35, 37, 05, 12, 20
Magic Mega Ball: 02

Monthly Spiritual Evaluation & Advice for May 2017

In my monthly free psychic reading for May, I see that you find several obstacles holding you back during the first week of the month. Interpersonal relationships seem stressed. I sense that frustration with the snail’s pace of progress this week leaves you feeling edgy. You may find yourself in intense arguments with others that just do not seem to understand where you are coming from. Maintaining a clear head may be tough as they run contrary to the unsettled emotions you feel.

You find the velocity of progress picking up during the second week of the month. Your find your ability to communicate thoughts and ideas clearly moving you forward towards your goals. Be mindful towards the middle of the week as you lose some focus on the importance of the spoken word. The possibility of misunderstanding leading to hurt feelings exists especially on Wednesday or Thursday. However, as the week ends you find a new global narrative that brings the fragmented pies of drama in your life into a more cohesive story line that allows you to address it more effectively.

During the second week of April, a slow methodical frugal approach to life yields the best dividends. Take your time, and plan thoroughly. Avoid emotional outbursts and controversy this week. You may feel a rebellious spirit welling up inside, but resisting the urge to “fight the power” leads to the potential for inner growth. Maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between yourself and the chaos you perceive in your environment is essential this week.

You find some discordance between your thoughts and feelings arising during the third week of the month. As the week begins, you feel a need to break out of your mold, and experience something new and exciting. Your disdain with the way things are going in your life is apparent to others, and may lead to conflict if they call you on it. You also find yourself confronted by another this week that does not share the same values as you. Because of this confrontation, hurt feelings may strain a relationship with an authoritative figure in your life.

You find some peace of mind as the month ends. Strong family ties help ground you in reality. A sibling or close relative reaches out to you this week and opens your eyes to a new way to approach life. The idea of self-discipline plays a large part in the advice they give you. A more practical approach to life seems in order to reach your goals. In fact you feel invigorated with a renewed drive to push through to the other side motivates you to make plans for a brighter future.

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