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Psychic Gimel's Readings & Predictions

Daily Readings Column for the Week of February 1, 2016

  • Sunday January 31st: You feel energized with life today. Accomplishing tasks with finesse and a keen eye for detail comes easily for you today.
  • Monday February 1st: You feel a strong self of self-confidence today. Furthermore, being happy in your own skin allows you to effectively reach out to others today.
  • Tuesday February 2nd: You feel driven to make a move towards some career goals you have been putting off. Your path to success becomes readily apparent as you tap into the abundant universal energy available today.
  • Wednesday February 3rd: You find a lighthearted spirit making you the life of the conversation. A few humorous anecdotes and some well-timed witticisms provide a much needed spark to your communications today.
  • Thursday February 4th: You feel a desire to connect with someone on a romantic level. You find reaching out to that special someone, with a romantic gesture, paying dividends today.
  • Friday February 5th: Today is a great day to work through issues. You find your universe filled with quality advice and answers to questions that have troubled you in the recent past.
  • Saturday February 6th: Your tolerance for those with differing opinions is at a very low level. Try to avoid conflict by sticking to noncontroversial subjects when relating with others today.

Scopes & Signs for Monday the 20th of February 2017

Daily Tarot:
The Daily Planet:
This is an image of the Number TwoThis is an image of the Number Two
Daily Numerology:
2 2

Lottery Number Predictions for February 20, 2017

Daily Numbers: 525
Pick Four: 3446
Power Lottery: 50, 09, 15, 45, 03
Magic Power Ball: 25
Mega Lottery: 45, 35, 06, 46, 47
Magic Mega Ball: 07

Monthly Spiritual Evaluation & Advice for February 2016

In my psychic predictions for February, I see the fearful specter of January laid to rest. The green shoots of renewal spring forth from the fertile soil left behind in the wake of January’s destructive force. The rebirth of mind, body, and spirit connects us with mother earth on a deeper level this month. A renewed interest in protecting our most valuable asset planet Earth revitalizes a grass roots call to action. Strong voices rise to support the cause in the hopes of realizing a greener vision of the future.

I sense the need to avert the environmental and societal catastrophes witnessed during the month of January moves us to focus on the importance of clean water, quality food, clean air and renewable energy sources. I see a limited opportunity to create the industries, employment, and infrastructure needed to establish the new stable world economy of tomorrow surfacing this month. I sense a global demand for action in order to wrest our global economic future from the hands of happenstance and those bereft of spirituality.

I see that the fragility of our existence on this planet requires us to maintain a constantly habitable zone for life, as we know it. I sense that in order for us to achieve this objective we must find a way to maintain a delicate equilibrium between our needs and our planets needs. February highlights a shift towards that equilibrium from what was once an exhaustive one-way reaction favoring the apex species on this planet, the human race.

The Free Psychic Network prays that the blessings of a fruitful life find you during February. The spiritual bounty of forgiveness provides you with the strength to make it through the tough times this month. May the powerful blessing of forgiveness find you when you least expect it, but most need it this month. Look for your spiritual blessings in your time of need during February because you may just find your sunrise in the darkest hour right before the dawn of the new day.

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