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Psychic Gimel's Readings & Predictions

Daily Readings Column for the Week of September 6, 2015

  • Reading for Sunday September 6th: Today is an excellent day to get out and about. Check out some interesting cultural sites or a local folk music concert. It is definitely a day to kick back with the lemonade or iced tea.
  • Reading for Monday September 7th: You find the company of others extremely enjoyable today. Gather with some friends at the local pub and enjoy the positive vibes.
  • Reading for Tuesday September 8th: Your hard work, strong work ethic, and due diligence pay handsome rewards today. Your supervisor and associates may take notice and offer some positive feedback.
  • Reading for: Wednesday September 9th: The daily grind starts to weigh on your spirits. Try breaking up the monotony with a little light hearted levity.
  • Reading for Thursday September 10th: Stay focused today as you are faced with some serious decisions. Do not take matters lightly or blow them off until tomorrow. Moreover, your prompt action today is an integral component of future success.
  • Reading for Friday September 11th: You may feel disinterested and preoccupied today. Do your best to stay focused on the task at hand as even the smallest error may lead to a serious issue down the road.
  • Reading for Saturday September 12th: Time to unwind and relax. The week is at an end enjoy the fruits of your labor with the one you love. Share good positive energy and recharge your batteries for next week.

Scopes & Signs for Monday the 30th of November 2015

This is an image of the Emperor card
Daily Tarot:
The Emperor
This is an image of the planet Uranus
The Daily Planet:
This is an image of the Number ThreeThis is an image of the Number Two
This is an image of the Number Four
Daily Numerology:
3 2 4

Lottery Number Predictions for November 30, 2015

Daily Numbers: 912
Pick Four: 7437
Power Lottery: 02, 05, 18, 24, 35
Magic Power Ball: 12
Mega Lottery: 02, 05, 23, 33, 47
Magic Mega Ball: 03

Monthly Spiritual Evaluation & Advice for September 2015

In my spiritual reading for September I see that persistence, perseverance, and patience (or the three P’s as I like to call them) form the cornerstone for success in our lives. Because we often meet with several failures before we even realize a modicum of success persistence, perseverance, and patience help us to keep putting our best foot forward. Fundamentally, the three P’s keep us from hitting “the wall” of frustration that often accompanies failed endeavors. Instead of giving in to the overwhelming sense of psychological defeat we simply brush ourselves off, regroup, and move forward with a new plan of attack. The resilience these virtues afford us assures that we eventually achieve our goals.

During the summer months, we put hard work into our hopes, dreams, and aspirations expecting a bountiful harvest come fall. For many the hard work put in provides a bountiful harvest. However, for those dealing with the frustration associated with putting hard work in but receiving a meager return or worse yet no return at all remember the three P’s this month.

Some self-doubt creeps into your life during the third week of August. You feel slightly stagnant and you may decide to question your path in life. Others seem to notice this, and you mistake the feedback you get from others as a validation of your fears. As you become slightly more introverted this week you find your communication with others becoming sharp and short in nature. In fact, you may even have an intense argument towards the end of the week because of miscommunication.

The first thing we must do when confronted with failure is to take a step back. This allows us to survey the landscape and gain a broader perspective on the situation. The next thing we must do is maintain a sense of calm. Once we start to panic any hope of maintain control of the situation is lost. The most important thing we must do (and often the hardest) is to get back on the proverbial bike and try again.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. Therefore, we must formulate a new action plan for successes in order to achieve our goals. We must evaluate the mistakes of the past when formulating this plan. Otherwise, if we forget the mistakes of the past we are doomed to repeat them in the future. Starting over is never easy but with the three P’s we at least give ourselves a fighting chance to achieve our goals.

Therefore, whether or not we achieved our goals during the month of September and currently enjoy the fruit of our labors always remember the virtues of the three P’s.

We sincerely hope you achieved your goals over the summer months. We wish you blessings on your spiritual path towards a better life. We pray that the wisdom of your higher self guides you in realizing your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We sincerely hope you enjoy the inner peace and true happiness that living by higher spiritual principles will bring into your life during the month of September.

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