What is Astrological Compatibility?

Astrology seeks to define human characteristics based on the planetary positions relative to the time and place of one’s birth. The planets, each ruled by one of the twelve zodiac signs, exert an influence on us which changes in strength and intensity dependant on their spatial relationship with each other. For the most part westerner’s use sun sign astrology. Most popular and tabloid horoscopes use this type of astrology for their printed horoscopes. As the name implies your sign in sun sign astrology reflects the position of the sun in relationship to the zodiac signs. For example, if the sun where in Libra at the time of your birth you would assume the Libra zodiac sign using this methodology.

So, how does your sun sign affect your interpersonal relationships? Ones compatibility with another stems from shared common interests, ideologies, and personality traits. These components form the foundation for friendship and love. Through thousands of years of expert observation, the zodiac sun sign one is born under has revealed common characteristics and personality traits inherent to those born under its auspices. Therefore, a cursory comparison of your sun sign with a perspective friend or love interest will reflect how interpersonal interactions both positive and negative may develop between you.

However, there are exceptions to every rule so please do not except a cursory examination of your astrological compatibility with another as a sure fire method of determining the success or failure of a relationship before you even meet a person. There are many other astrological factors like planetary position, which add a more in depth view of one’s personality. Therefore, use this report as a rough guide of what to expect from the personality traits of yourself and another interacting on an interpersonal level.

Astrological Compatibility Report

What Sign am I? How does my sign affect my personality? How well does my personality match with another’s? Finding out the answers to these questions, and more is easy. Just use our form below to create your customized astro-compatibility report, find your zodiac sign, or create a full report about the characteristics of your sun sign.

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