Astrology & Horoscope Resources

Here is a list of our Astrological resources. We feel these sites merit a visit. Consider this a citation of the intrinsic value of these sites by ours. We feel these sites demonstrate expert knowledge, in the field of Astrology, and will benefit our internet visitors interested in this subject matter.

  • Cricket Astrology
    An awesome sports site dedicated to the popular game of cricket. The expert astrologer G. Kumar provides excellent content on this site regarding the game of cricket and the impact that astrological events imparts unto it. Two thumbs up for G. kumar on his unique sports & Astrology site!
  • Astrology Resources
    Your astrology resource center. Charts, astrology reports, personal consultations, a reading room of astrology articles, astrology classes, free astrology newsletter and a wide variety of astrology products & services.
  • paul wade - astrologer
  • Jyotisha
    Jyotish - The Vedic Astrology of Lanka India Nepal and Tibet
    Developers of My Star World astrology software for Windows PC's and Web environment. Distributors of a wide range of astrology software.