Over the weekend of August 11th Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon aligned forming what Astrologers call a planetary conjunction. Some speculate that this alignment caused the earthquake in Iran. That somehow the magnetic fields of these celestial bodies combined to produce this tragic event.

Although, Astrology imparts a high degree of significance to conjunctions, what if there is now scientific evidence that backs up the claims that planetary bodies exert an unexplained effect on earth? Are the conjunction and the earthquake of August 11th interrelated events or sheer coincidence?

One video I watched on You Tube had an interesting take on planetary energy transfer. Their theory was that the magnetic tails of the planets transferred energy to each other (Not unheard of as “magnetic bridges” form across the sun connecting sunspots together. These bridges allow the transfer of energy and act like a "magnetic circuit" of sorts. These magnetic conduits can span thousands of Kilometers of space transferring energy and plasma through them. Moreover, these magnetic conduits can also trigger chain reactions across the suns surface resulting in massive explosions. http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/13dec_globaleruption/

So, did we experience a similar cosmic energy transfer through an interplanetary "magnetic bridge" that caused the recent massive 6.4 earthquake, in Iran? Do the planets aligning create a "magnetic circuit" between them via their magneto tails? I feel that this is a strong possibility.

The Sun is also approaching a climax in its solar cycle of eleven years. Could this be the reason we are experiencing one of the hottest years on record? It is very possible as we are buffeted by high-density solar wind from coronal holes and we are bombarded by coronal mass ejections that the upper atmosphere gets heated more than usual. However, ninety-five percent of that heat energy does not reach earth. Because atmospheric gases like nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor either reflect the incoming energy, via planetary albedo, or absorb and emit it, via electron excitation and emission, back out into space at longer wavelengths.

Nevertheless, about 5% of this heat transfers to us on the earth’s surface. Even though this seems like a small percentage, it is significant. In fact, in climatology a 5% shift is a very significant number (more than enough to melt the polar ice caps over time).

Therefore, if planetary magnetic fields, our sun, and the moon have such a profound effect on our planet, how do we deny that they affect us, in our everyday lives? How do we scoff and say Astrology is “hokey pokey” when the evidence of the unseen power, in our universe, is so evident? Although we may not be able to quantify the effect of planetary magnetism on our personalities does that mean that it does not exist?

No, the truth is that conjunctions are significant and have a profound effect on our lives. They do transfer energy to our planet. Moreover, we do feel the effects of them, in our everyday lives. From farming to dating, the planets affect us. I believe it is high time for the scientific community to look into that fact.