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A year ago I found out my daughter was abused by my cousin's husband. My daughter told me my cousin knew about some things that happend. Of course my cousin said she didn't. It was investigated and he admitted to things. She still says she didn't know anything. He is in prison and I don't talk to her at all. Everything is done and over with now but I really want to know if she did know? and what was she thinking to let something like that go on? I am only asking because that has haunted me for the past year and I just want to know. Thank you for answering....
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Friday, July 27 2012, 10:45 PM
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Accepted Answer

Friday, July 27 2012, 10:54 PM - #permalink
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It does not matter anymore. The perpetrator is payig the penalty, and your cousin is paying hers with you no longer being in her life. Let it go.
  • jlilly6984
    more than a month ago
    I just dont think she should be able to be around other little kids still if it is true. She should be where her husband is. Locked away to never hurt anyone again. But it is done with and most importantly my girl is safe and we are making progress getting through this as time goes by. It was just a question I find myself thinking about alot. You are right though. Thank you.
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