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My name is Carolina, I'm new here lol. I'm a scorpio and born the year ****. Ever since I can remember I was fascinated with the 1980s. I'm always depressed, I don't leave my house. I just feel like life sucks and I can't connect with anyone my age. All I do is listen to any music from the 80s, I was always like this even at * years old. I was told by someone that its * years between death and rebirth. Does that mean I died in ****? Please respond & thank U & God bless.
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Tuesday, July 03 2012, 02:41 AM
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    Tuesday, July 03 2012, 06:24 PM - #permalink
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    Some cultures believe that souls reside in a hidden place present since before time began. Some think of it as a "well" filled with all the souls that will ever exist and once the supply is exhausted the end of time (judgment day) is upon us.

    Other religions view our souls cycling into new physical life forms from old. I believe that you are asking about this spiritual concept called reincarnation. The answer is: you do not have to be reborn the second your soul leaves your body. The Judeo-Christian religion agrees with this concept as souls wait for the second coming to be reborn into heaven.

    The notion that you are immediately reborn after death (although possible) is not "spiritual law". Therefore, your last life may have been hundreds of years ago or possibly during the last hundred years (maybe even the ****'s) as reincarnation is not necessarily a continuous function of death.
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