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lil moe
lil moe
1 votes
How will my life be * year from now? I have been living with my mother for a while, will I get my own place to live next year? Will I get a better job? Is there any good news for me?
posted in General Readings
Tuesday, July 03 2012, 01:55 AM
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Accepted Answer

Wednesday, July 04 2012, 12:38 AM - #permalink
2 votes
Hello lil moe, I feel that a year from now you will be able to live on your own. You will be able to afford making that happen, especially if it is a goal of yours to have your own place. Save up a little bit of each paycheck in order topay for the first month, last month and security deposit. Also, you want to have money saved up in the event you need to buy new furnishings, or you have moving expenses. While you are saving up, try and secure another part time position so that you can accrue even more of a savings account. Looking for another job, that pays more or offers other benefits is also a plus. Do not leave your current job until you land another one. You do not want to be going without any income. At some point I can see you taking up some training classes or college classes in order to enhance your skills and your resume. I see this happening later next year after you are settled in your new place. Good luck to you.:)
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