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  1. OrganicWV
  2. General Questions
  3. Friday, May 09 2014, 06:34 PM
I have an Anatolian Shepherd. His name is Lander. He is two and I've been with him since the day he was born. He is my special baby boy.

I want him to be happy as can be.

I need help reading him; I know he is happy, but would he be happier back on the island/farm we came from?
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello organic. Too be honest he will be happy where ever you are. You are his best friend and his fellow companion. If you are happier on the island than he will be happier on the island. he has so much love for you and its unconditional. he brings joy to your heart and I see that. What I am saying is you being in his presence giving him the undivided attention and care and love is all he could ever want or ask for especially if you are happy. :)
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