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I think my relationship is over.
Just keep meeting the wrong people.
My last relationship was with a friend of my family.
My father adored him he was his hero.
My father died and this guy didnt even make it to the funeral as he lives out of state.
Now I am so empty at the loss of both.
Sometimes I think I will grow old and die alone not to mention be forever single parent.
Will there ever be a partner for me.
Love my son we do a lot together but its no substitute for a meaningful relationship with an adult.
Please give me some insight.
I am tired of being lonely and too hurt to take any risk again.
posted in Love
Monday, July 30 2012, 11:34 AM
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Accepted Answer

Monday, July 30 2012, 11:44 AM - #permalink
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You are not alone. I see that you need to get involved in your community. I sense that by doing for others in your time of need you will attract the right man to you. I am sure of this. You must give of yourself even though you feel you have nothing left to give. You must believe that the act of giving what little you have will move mountains un the spiritual realm. Whatever your belief is find a group of people that believe the same as you do. Join them in their good works. Do good when you need good in your life even if you do not feel like you have anything to offer you will see how much you really do have by doing this.
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