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  1. charlyrock1968
  2. General Readings
  3. Tuesday, June 04 2013, 02:50 PM
Good afternoon,

After not being on in few... I've made some positive life changes and for the most I try to stay grounded, humble, and optimistic. I sometimes however get very Overwhelmed with many Responsibilities. I'm in a very awkward state Right now. Feeling Frustrated and very very Lonely with matters Of the heart. Will I ever find love and contentment. Also am I headed in the right Direction in My career choice now and what do I do About my past career with music. I always felt I would end up on entertainment, but my compassion for self-empowerment lead me to pursue social work or psychology. I'm so confused as to what career path to choose. In addition, how can I better guide my son? How can I be a.better parent? How can I help my mom get better? She is recovering From a stroke.
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I feel that your choice to pursue a career in mental health will help you reach your ultimate goal of working in the media industry. However, I see it more as a work related "networking" opportunity that helps you to achieve this goal. I sense that you meet up with some interesting people in your line of work. I feel a connection to a therapist that uses music and the arts to help others.

I see some sort of collaboration to help kids with special needs, in an entertaining way. As far as your parenting is concerned we all make mistakes as parents. There is no hard and fast "handbook for parenting". For the most part parenting is an experimental endeavor filled with trial and error. Moreover, never doubt that you are a good parent because the fact that you even ask whether or not you are shows how much you care about your boy. I know this is a trying time and all we can do as parents is educate our children as best we can while instilling values, ethics, morals, and spiritual principles into their character. At some point, however, no matter how hard we try to control them the decision between right and wrong comes down to them.

As far as your mother goes I am sorry to hear about her illness. I suggest that you see her as much as you can talk with her as much as you can. I also feel that you need to pray for her at her bedside. But, just talking with her will help her immeasurably. Use the optimistic positive strategy you outlined earlier when you visit her. Being down and out will only bring her down with you. My best advice is keep moving forward and find a group of peers to help support you in your times of need. It is very important to have a strong social network of people to rely on that support you with sound counsel and a reassuring word. God bless you Charly, and I will say a prayer for you and your family.

I am including a few links to sites that I feel may offer you additional insight, guidance, and advice regarding these issues.
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