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  1. inner peace
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  3. Friday, October 12 2012, 03:11 AM
When I had started to achieve the focus in meditation and had started to eventually acknowledge my guardian angel, I spontaneously imagined an angel with baby or quartz pink robe and feathers. It was a spontaneous feeling. The day I imagined it, the very next day i saw pink feathers in some random costume jewelry or in pics on Facebook. I was very happy as this was a positive acknowledgment. Yesterday while randomly searching for songs for my meditation session, I came across a link that described the numbers and angels for the month of October. To my surprise the angel for this month for me was "Ariel" and her colour "Quartz Pink".

I was so shocked and happy. Also since the day I woke up in the night with a feeling that something is going to happen, whenever I come across something and acknowledge it as a sign or a feeling of gratitude for what I have and received, I have this tingling overwhelming feeling. It makes my heart flip with warmth and I have a tingly shivering sensation accompanied by a smile on my face. And a great feeling of reassurance that everything is working out for the good. I have this urge to talk to my angels anytime in the day. It has never happened before. I like the feel though.

Just thought of sharing this with everyone. And yes I have a strong feeling that something good is going to happen soon :)

Hoping this feeling lasts for long this time

Thank you Everyone

Love and Light!:)
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Thanks Angelique!
You have a big role to play in this.
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