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Life has been a little too rocky since the beginning of this year. The past * months have especially been months of big losses in the job front and specially the personal life front. I am amazed I have not lost my faith.

Please I would like a reading for my career and love life.
A guidance would be of great help.
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Friday, July 27 2012, 01:25 AM
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Accepted Answer

Friday, July 27 2012, 03:15 AM - #permalink
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**** is a year of change. All that is not good in your life and all that you did not want in your life is now over. You have been given a clean slate and now is the time to begin living again. It is the same with your love life. In the end you would not have lived a happy life. So you are given a chance to go in another direction with work, and also to make room in your life for new love. Keep that faith you have, and trust you are being guided to a better life, that will bring you much happiness in your future. I am seeing that in your new job, is where you will find new love. Embrace the changes in your life as they are a gift from the Universe to live a better fulfilling life.

Apply for jobs that you know you will enjoy and be happy going to. (I am not being shown what type of work is coming up for you, but something is coming), apply away.

Change is always good, you may not see or think so right now, but you will know it is as you go along.

I was guided to draw a card for you and it was * Of CUPS (REVERSED)

The * of Cups reversed can indicate that new prospects and new projects are about to come into your life. It's a time to be hopeful and to reach out to others if you are in need of something - whether that need is for work, attention, concern, or anything else. Have faith in yourself and faith that your needs can be met.

When you pull the reversed * of Cups, you may have just been through a difficult time. The good news is that your recovery seems to be moving along well. Keep moving, don't get "stuck" in things that are already over and done with.

Although things may have been tough with regard to work lately, you are beginning to figure out that the only person you can truly control or effect in the situation is yourself. Think positively, and consider what is truly right for you. Keep a great attitude and be civil. That and the best work you can produce is all they have a right to expect.

With the reversed * of Cups, you are beginning to realize that you can have a happy and meaningful love relationship, period; you do not have to accept abuse or trying to twist yourself into a pretzel to make something work with an unsuitable partner. If you're not yet feeling this way, you soon will be. Trust your instincts.

The reversed * reminds you to make a point to count your blessings and to be grateful for what you already have. Again, you are moving into a period where you are more in touch with who you really are and what you are really capable of "bringing to the table" in order to bring more prosperity into your life. Think positive, and cultivate your self esteem.

Blessings to you on your Journey and enjoy.
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    Friday, July 27 2012, 03:31 AM - #permalink
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    thanx Angelique. I want to follow a spiritual path. Have many questions and doubts in that regards.
    Can you please guide me how or where to begin.

    Yea currently I am at a total loss but have decided to keep moving on. Can't figure out the bigger plan of the universe. Nothing seems to work out currently. Things that all meant well and the things I had totally devoted myself to have just slipped away.
    Every thing one by one at the same time. Just left empty handed.
    • Angelique
      more than a month ago
      Google Spiritual Groups or Spiritual Churches, Development Classes in your area and go from there.

      Remember it is only a tiny glitch in your life. It has happened and now it is time to move forward and create a fantastic life for yourself. Forgive and thank the Past for giving you the ability to have a much better life. You will look back one day and be thankful that you are where you are in the future. It is all there for you, go and be happy, you deserve it.
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