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  1. charlyrock1968
  2. Love
  3. Thursday, October 24 2013, 12:54 PM
Not sure about my career direction.
I really would like a love reading.
Seems dead in that area and has been for awhile.
I also am not good with meeting new people.
Very distrusting right now.
Went through a lot in a previous relationship which is still not finished due to legalities.
And although I have no reason to I really miss my soon to be ex-husband.
I love him but he does not feel the same and I wonder in hind sight if he ever did.
He was fine until we started planning the wedding.
Closer it got seemed he had no regard for me or my feelings.
Felt like even though I was in a relationship the weight was always on me.
After humiliating me at my wedding in front of my family and friends I still tried
to make it work but it was down hill from that point on and we seperated.
After a year and a half of lonliness I crossed the line with an old friend.
Worst mistake of my life. Now he has a girlfriend. I know my mistakes contributed to it.
I was just worn down. In hind sight I wish I had had more patience and understanding.
Or would that have even helped. I tried to motivate and encourage him just couldn't reach him.
So I signed him into the military. Now however is doing great.
But wants no part of me. He talks to me cruelly and has allowed this ghetto girlfriend of his to do the same.
That was the last straw. Ive blocked him from my phone and emails.
I Should I throw in the towel but how do I move on? and to what?
Why does this bother me so much?'
Will he always hate me?
Why all the hate hostility and cruelty? Why the need to punish me and when will we be even.
He expected me to forgive his mistakes and I finally did.
Why cant he forgive me. I did a lot for him including his citizenship and military career.
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
[b]Hey charlyrock, I appologize for the late response. I feel that you should take it easy on your love life and dont russh into any other realtionahip because you do not want to make anyone feel like a rebound. I also feel that your family support, friends and with in time youi will heal from the herart ache your husband has caused you. Keep in mind that you have done everyrthing in your power to keep your relationship strong but now you have to move on because this man is not worth your time or energy. Somewhere along the road you will possibly find another lover but do not fall for him to quickly.

Secondly, I also feel as if you are worrying about a lost cause. He is no longer apart of your life and you should not worry about him. He is causing you alot of pain and its unfair to you and your soul. I feel you should just distract your self from him and give your heart time to heal. he is not worth ypuir time. I can not say this enough. There are other fish in the sea just dont fall for them yet until you are completely healed from this break up. i feel youwillmove on eventualy just not right now you need to heal first as i have said before. Just dont think about this man.

Another thing you need to do is come up with a focus to get your mind off of him. You have your children, family, friends ect. Try to focus more on that or your work. Try writing and this will help because this is what you need right now. This will help you recover and find love again. Focus on positive thingas in your life and stop letting this man ruin things for you. thia ia how you will move on and have a happier life. Just allow your self to heal befroe entering another realtionship. this is what you should and kepp in mind what to do. I hope I helped.
Sincerely Ms.Italiano
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