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  1. aquari
  2. General Readings
  3. Thursday, July 25 2013, 03:03 AM
I met a person online and we have been talking online and on phone. After some time , he proposed me and said he loves me . So I want to know is someone else is coming in my life or is he the one . Things dont seem quite right at the moment . I want to know so that i can move forward in life . He had difficult childhood like his parents wud live six month together , six months separate , and later his mother committed suicide nd he did drugs later . But that is his past . He appears calm now. We talk a lot online , but have not met . I always have met such guys who wud have some kind of problems , and later i wud stop talking to them , I dont know I cant handle relationships for long . So will I have arrange marriage or love marriage ?
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Aquri. No no and no! He is bad news I don't like the sound of this. Something is not right here. You got to leave him. I feel bad stuff with this. He hasn't even met you in person and he wants to marry you. Not safe at all. Move on you can do better believe me. I hope you take this seriously.
Sincerely, Ms.Italiano
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