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I have never felt more lost, alone, and broken in my life. I can feel myself sinking lower and lower into depression and Im afraid Im on the verge of a breakdown. It seems that everything in my life is going wrong at one time. Im not sure how much more I can take. I dont know what to do or where to turn. How do I get through this, or will I get through this?:(
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Saturday, June 16 2012, 06:30 PM
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Saturday, June 16 2012, 07:01 PM - #permalink
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Hello BrokenSpirit84, I am sorry that you are feeling so down lately. I myself have felt like that before, and recently as a matter of fact. It is despairing to feel alone, and like you are the only passenger on a sinking ship. This is what I learned, and it did help me. When you allow just a little bit of negativity to seep into your life, a lot more can come flooding in rather quickly. All it takes is one bad experience, bad news, or a lack of optimism, and then it seems like you are experiencing an avalanche of "bad", that you cannot escape from. Trying to get out from under this heaviness can seem harder than it really is, especially when you already feel so down in the dumps. It will take some willpower, and determination on your part, but it can be done. You just need to think of one thing that can bring you some semblance of happiness and go for it. This can be a hobby, a simple everyday task, a class somewhere, acquiring a pet, visiting a friend, spending time with family, an outdoor activity etc. Once you do this you will attract some positive energy into your life again. The more positive enrgy you can attract, the more of a difference you will start to notice. You will feel more optimistic, and you won't feel so alone, in the dark. When I felt this way, I began spending more time in a park near my home that borders a lake. It is a beautiful park, and I enjoyed the wildlife, and the other people who frequented the area. Eventually my black mood changed to a gray color, and then it became a white shade. I feel more hopeful than I have before, and things do not seem so "bad" anymore. Sometimes I still have those days where things just seem to go wrong. In this situation, I step back and think about the things that have gone right that day, even if they are simplistic. Have faith in yourself, and believe. Things will bet better. In order to succeed, at first you must believe. I hope that something I wrote helps you. :)
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