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  1. cimelda32
  2. Love
  3. Tuesday, December 24 2013, 06:05 AM
Met at work...been friends for awhile. I was going through a really bad time in my life when we met and he made me laugh again. Should I keep I have this all confused. Will he ever make a move...he is in a rocky relationship. Says love is gone. We have had our ups and downs n learned from them. We have not took things to the next level.we are so opposite but some how get along. Need to now where his heart is. We both have not sure whats going in in his head but would like some insight. I wonder why he keeps me around. I know he loves and respects me as a that all?
Keep your head up!
  1. Gimel
  2. 4 years ago
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I feel your pain, grief, and confusion Cimelda. I feel that this situation does not provide a healthy stable relationship on a romantic level at this point in time. Keeping it more casual as friends is your best bet here. I sense that although your prospective mate has the best intentions in his heart he is also confused and hurting inside. I sense that keeping it more casual will take some of the stress and anxiety out of the relationship so that when (and if he does :( ) decide to move forward your lines of communication are still open with him. I feel some spark between you too but the timing is off. I suggest you step back from the romantic aspects of this relationship as hard as it may be for you and look towards building a deeper friendship with him instead. In time the situation may change, but be prepared for a long wait as it may not change for a long while.

I feel you may be at the end of your rope here so I see that moving on does provide you a chance for a clean start with someone new (as hard as that may seem for you right now). For your spiritual well-being I sense that you must honestly put romantic ideas about this relationship aside at this point (not saying that at some point it might not happen). I also sense that your judgment regarding other aspects of your relationship are spot on. Because physical relationships tend to muddle things up in our minds confusing our emotions and impairing our ability to make clear rational choices.

I wish you a happy holiday season and hope you are able to find some inner peace with the fact that he is not ready for what you expect of him....yet.
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  2. Love
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