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Greetings one and all. Once again, yet another resounding thank you for the site and the insight you always provide.

Anyway, my query relates of course to what everyone seems to have on their minds on this informative forum....the big "L" word.

If you refer to my previous *-* posts I have made you will see I have been caught up in an important matter with someone so close and dear to me. Many months ago I got to know someone who I was casual friends more and more and in the time we grew so close. For once in my life my heart - as opposed to my head or genitals - told me something was the right thing; that maybe, just maybe, my friend was destined to be more than my friend. Psychics I saw who had no knowing of other psychics told me this was destined, I had indeed met my soul mate and to stick the course. I had every chance to open my mouth and just when I decided it was time she met someone and started dating him. Like the loyal man I am I respected the boundaries of this relationship and maintained the friendship; although I suppose I could have "fought" for this woman but didn't. Everyone, including this site, predicted the relationship would end right down to the timeframe and lo and behold it did. In the meantime my friend and I had a falling out and parted ways. However, everyone, including this site said we would reconcile and sure enough we did.

We have grown closer, we have acknowledged both sides of things - our friendship but there was always the possibility that could change between us. We had a trip planned to Boston in late April for a weekend and while we were going as friends I had hoped this would be the opportunity - as all had foreseen a trip where we would open up, talk about things, and feelings would be revealed - where we could finally have some quality time together away from everyone and everything to finally determine things.

But now, I find myself - like the title says - back at square one. This past Tuesday I receive an email fro my friend that she could no longer put off writing because departure time was getting close. She explained that she had been set up on a date back in February, and while she fully intended to be single when we went away she now finds herself in a relationship she didn't intend to be in and now cannot make the trip.

I feel so deflated. I have never felt my heart tell me something was so right, no matter who I have been involved with previously. I have never fought so hard for something/someone before.

Please help me if you this just another bump in a foreseen and predicted road to success and finally happiness, just a round I've lost; or is my fight over when I felt I was so close to victory....??
posted in Love
Saturday, April 06 2013, 08:33 PM
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