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After ** years I finally connected with somone on an intelectual and emotional level.
Through the relationship I learned about myself got insight into certain issues about myself.
Regardless of how it ends I know I am a better person for it.
They say people come into your life for many reasons I was his only to help me know myself?
Or is he really my soulmate?
Hard to see due to circumstances weve been apart for some time now.
My heart and head are so confused.
Is there hope for CR & SJ?
Or should I just take my new knowledge and let go?
posted in Love
Monday, July 30 2012, 01:39 PM
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Accepted Answer

Monday, July 30 2012, 02:34 PM - #permalink
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I see that your true love and soul mate await you in the not that distant future. Your analysis is correct. You needed to grow. With what is happening right now consider (as hard as it may be for you) letting go. You need some "you" time. Process what you learned.

Definitely move forward with your life. You cannot keep living with one foot in the future and one in the past. Make every day count. As you start to regain your equilibrium over the next sixth months reflect on what it is you want out of a relationship. Do you just want a warm body so you are not alone? I feel this may be the case. That is exactly why you must go for awhile on your own. I see clearly now that this allows you to recover some of your lost self-esteem.

Being able to count on you is important. If you cannot count on yourself than what do you really have to offer someone else? Becoming independent and realizing that you do not need a man to validate who you really are helps you down the road. Because when you realize that you do not need to be with someone it gives you the power of choice. Choosing to be with someone because they enhance who you are is a much better relationship choice than needing someone to define who you are. I hope this sheds some light on the subject for you.
  • charlyrock1968
    more than a month ago
    Thanks for your advice. Even though I consider my self independant and am a self suffiecient mom without help I see your point.
    I still am hesitant about going out or being seen alone or dating "myself". My friends are few and most fam out of state which limits my associates.
    I guess I will have to start doing more on my own. I have to get out more and volunteer services and time to something posative.
    Food for thought!!!
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