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I became friends with someone days back but on internet and only phone calls. I have not met this person face to face.
He talks good. And appears to be good human being. But has problems in his life which take me away from him. I cant handle others problems.
So I have started contacting him less .He asks me why I m forgetting him day by day. He says why have I changed now . But He says he loves and care for me
I dont feel same love from my side. I dont know what shud I do. I cant focus on love relationship easily. this person is gud but i m not giving him attention.

and In meanwhile i liked someone at my office too, but cant tell him ever. Is this love or just crush by my side. I like him as a person.

Will I change and accept love in my life?
When will I get real love?
Will these relationships grow into smthing?
posted in Love
Saturday, August 04 2012, 05:26 PM
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    Saturday, August 04 2012, 10:24 PM - #permalink
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    I feel a friend is all he will be. You still have a lot you need to sort out about yourself, and once that is done, you will then be ready for any kind of relationship with another person. You attract the needy guys because they reflect your own needs.
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    Tuesday, August 07 2012, 03:29 PM - #permalink
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    Thanks Angelique. u are so right in so many things.:)

    Even I do feel we wud b no more than friends but He says he wants more. So I dont talk to him that frequently. :)

    yes you are right in saying , I do need to sort out many things before all things enter into my life easily but i do not get the way out.
    I want to change so many things but do effort for neither of them.
    I want life to b more perfect., who doesnt want that.
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