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Recently, my boyfriend told me that he's been feeling like a bad boyfriend towards me. When I asked him why he feels that way, he seemed very strange and I sensed that something was wrong. Is there something wrong, or something I don't know about that I should?
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Tuesday, July 03 2012, 03:48 AM
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Wednesday, July 04 2012, 12:12 AM - #permalink
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Hello kitkat1029, the fact that your boyfriend apologized to you for being a "bad boyfriend" indicates that he has done something that he feels is "wrong". Considering that he won't elaborate on it indicates that he feels guilty, remorseful, and that he is probably thinking over things in his head in order to try and come clean to you. He owes you an explanation, that goes without saying. I can sense how incredibly guilty he feels right now and the fact that he is very afraid of telling you why. i can also notice how apprehensive you are in regard to his recent strange behavior. You and he ned to speak, and out of respect for you, and your union, he needs to explain himself. His aura is very muddled right now....he needs to come clean. Without accusations, yelling, cursing, or fighting (even though any of these actions could be justifiable right now) ask him to talk to you. Advise him that honesty is the best policy and that if he is truly "sorry" he will explain why. Remain calm, and even "gentle". If he senses any irritation or anger from you, he will become defensive and he will not talk. Apologizing to you without an explanation is not making him a "good" boyfriend. It is actually kind of immature of him to act that way and not justify his actions. You deserve better, and you deserve answers. It may help if you "apologize" for something (even something small, and insignificant, even if it was not "wrong" at all...) that you have done recently, and how you can try and correct that indiscretion. After you say your piece, ask him what he has to get off of his chest. Unfortunately playing this card may be the only way to get him to speak up. Good luck to you! I hope somethingi said can help!:)
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