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  1. Nataliah85
  2. Love
  3. Thursday, April 17 2014, 06:33 PM
will the recent break up with my ex boyfriend be permanent or will we get back together? We started off as co workers and transitioned to becoming best friends. We slowly became lovers and fell in love. We have been arguing a lot recently and decided to break up. Which was the biggest mistake of my life. Our relationship goes past sexual. We have unbelievable intimate bond between us that I know can never be found in any other relationship that may come my way. I have been trying to mend things but it feels like he may have moved on. He doesn't tell me that he has but just says that he thinks right now it's best that we remain friends. I need to know if this is it for us. Is he possibly dating someone else or does he truly just need time to himself? If you are able to, can you provide me with the initials of my ex boyfriend so I can feel certain that you are reading me correctly and can truly see who I am referring to? Please help
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