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First of all a resounding thank you for this site. I have asked *-* questions and received guidance on them and for the most part what you saw has happened.

I had a terrible parting with someone extremely close to me, and as you saw; it took some time but we have indeed reconciled and re-connected.

As well, as far as meeting someone said this was "the year" so to speak and that it would be someone I knew or was familiar with. This goes back to my above friend; who I just have a feeling is "the one" even though we currently have an extremely close friendship...I feel it is a lot of fear on her part that prevents it from being more. For the most part of last year my friend was in a relationship and during this time I respected the boundaries of this and didn't try to interfere or be a home wrecker. However - and again as you saw - that relationship ended several months ago, and we have re-connected after a parting.

So, I guess, after all the above has been said my question is as follows.....

Do you see or sense my friend and I moving beyond our current situation....?? I feel so strongly that it is meant to be more, but I know enough not to push and to let the cards fall as they may - what is, is, what will be, will be. Is she the one I already know or am familiar with that you sensed earlier, or am I barking up the wrong tree here....???

Any guidance/assistance appreciated and once again, thank you for your time.
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Thursday, February 28 2013, 08:34 PM
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Accepted Answer

Monday, March 04 2013, 02:06 AM - #permalink
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Hello trapper,I can feel how deeply you love "your friend". The reason that her last relationship did not work out is because they were not meant to be, not compatible, not soulmates. She is afraid to grow closer and more intimate with you because if things did not work out, what would happen to your frienship? The doubts and 'what ifs" seem to plague her. Reassurance of one's affection for her will be needed for her, repeatedly at thebeginning of a relationship, gradually decreasing with longevity of status. Do not be quick to label your relationship with her. Let things fall as they might and spend quality time together in order to nurture your bond. This will help her see how truly connected the two of you are. The best relationships do form from friendships. As friends, you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about a person. If there is a spark to flame the fires of love this indicates a chemical connection. Intimact grows at this point, once established. As a bond grows stronger so does the spiritual, emotional, and physical connection between partners. The fact that the two of you are friends means you have halfway achieved your goal. Remember, let things fall as they might. When the time comes to advance things to the next level, you will know. You will feel this in your blood. I hope that something I said helps you and means something. Good luck! :-)
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    Monday, March 04 2013, 09:52 PM - #permalink
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    You say...."what would happen to your frienship?"

    No matter what takes place, whether there comes a time that we explore the possibilities or not; and if we do and we determine that the current status quo is what is meant to be and not more.....

    ...I will never stop being her friend.
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