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  1. kingofgames0012
  2. General Questions
  3. Sunday, July 13 2014, 03:02 PM
My last question was when "will I have another relationship?" and you answered that the relationship will come to me instead of me going to find it. I was wondering is there anything that I must do in order for this to occur or do I just sit around and wait for it to happen? Because I met a girl at my school who I feel could be the girl you were talking about and I managed to find her on facebook through my friends but I'm at a dilemma where I want to add her but at the same time I'm afraid to add her because I don't know if it would affect the outcome if she is the girl in question. I feel that if I press the add button that it may either delay us being together or speed the process up, again if it is her. Can you help me out please?
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