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How do I make amends with my little brother. Growing up I did some really terrible things to him and I really don't need to rehash them. Anyways back than I could not control my mental health issues if I tried and my brother often bore the brunt of that. But now that I've grown up and gotten control of myself I find that I'm horrified by what I did. I need to know how to repair my relationship with my brother or if that's even possible at this point. If it's impossible than it would be no less than I deserve and I'm willing to accept that for the most part. But if it's possible please let me know how. Thank you.
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Sunday, December 09 2012, 05:43 AM
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Accepted Answer

Sunday, December 16 2012, 02:59 AM - #permalink
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It's always possible to amend past relationships, especially when it comes to family. What you have to do is start small. First is always contact, next if you it seems that he doesn't trust you, you have to show him through your actions that you're not the same as you were back then. Depending on how bad the things were you did to him, it can be a slow process, but with persistence and time, it can be done. Then if he trusts you, you can then explain what happened, and how remorseful it's made you and you'd like to know if he can ever accept your apology and welcome you back as his older brother.good luck!
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