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My daughter has been missing for six months after she walked out from her family and friends. She has a couple of friends that have been hiding her out since that time. She has called and is ready to come home. Is she sincere this time or is she trying to play me again. will she take her medication. is the friend kara part of this plan for my daughter to come home so she can benefit off it.
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Thursday, September 13 2012, 12:44 PM
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Accepted Answer

Thursday, September 13 2012, 04:59 PM - #permalink
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I feel as though you’re daughter is in a confused state of mind right now, every decision she has made in the past is reflective of her dual nature. She doesn’t understand how important decision making is, when she makes up her mind, she is set on it until she sees the outcome is not what she originally intended.
Then she (albeit hesitantly) will go back and see how wrong she had been.

It’s equivalent to leading a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, it alone has the power to do so.
What you can do is attempt to guide her in the right direction by offering her you’re support.
I know you are beyond stressed and feel as though you’re done with her changing attitudes but she isn’t even aware of the tricks her mind plays. This is not just from the bipolar disorder but rather a deep seeded personality trait.

What is advisable would be to offer her help only when she asks for it, and when you do offer it make her aware of you’re guidelines. Also I truly feel she would benefit from therapy. Both from a holistic practitioner as well as a mental health therapist.

As far as her friend is concerned I wouldn’t delve into it to much, she has issues of her own and will be on her own way soon enough. Although I do feel someone near you’re daughter was instigating her into leaving in the first place, ultimately it was her own choice that landed her where she is now.

I wish you and your family good blessings!
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