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  1. charlyrock1968
  2. Love
  3. Friday, August 30 2013, 05:23 PM
Ms. Italiano thanks for your help.
I don't know what I said but my Husband and I talked deeply yesterday.
He is still angry but I feel there is still hope.
It will probably be touch and go and take awhile.
However I think theres still love there.
we talked counseling in the past and I will suggest it again when
the opportunity arises. I love this man faults and all.
I just hope he still loves me enough to fix it and pray for forgiveness.
I know there are other fish but I want this
Were both virgos and we feel deeply that's why the pain is hard to get over.
Its no longer one sided We finally agree we hurt each other.
For us headstrong folk that's progress.
I know he has strong reservations and probably doesn't trust me.
I just know deep down we were meant to be.
It as though our souls are connected spiritually.
I can still feel it and did when we talked.;)
Tell me What vibes do you get on this?
Will we get past this?
Is there hope for CAR and CAW?
Perhaps you or one of your collegues can advise me.
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charlyrock1968 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I neglected to mention on more obstacle
we both now live in different states.
Although move in a minute if I thought it would help
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  2. Love
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