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  1. latc47
  2. General Questions
  3. Monday, March 10 2014, 10:20 AM
got a house we want to buy, waiting to hear from them...will we get it? also, going to court against worker's comp, any news on how that will turn out?
am under a lot of stress with headaches, is it stress or something else I should worry about?
I'm supposed to fill this with 250 characters but I have nothing else to say other than wanting an answer to the * questions I answered.
I think to have a mandatory 250 words to just ask a question is silly.
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Accepted Answer
Star_Gazer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello, buying a house is a big deal and major investment. You chances of obtaining said house depend greatly on your offer, the sellers counteroffer, and any other interested parties. I feel that your chances of purchasing the house can be great but you are going to have to negotiate with the sellers regarding the price. If you are going to court regarding workers compensation make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Even if you think you do, double check just to make sure. If your headaches are severe and/or constant I recommend seeking medical attention in order to rule out anything serious. 250 words and 250 characters are different. Characters include letters, numbers, symbols, and in some cases, spaces. Your attention to this detail is appreciated and something I would sometimes struggle to fulfill. I wish you luck with your house :)
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