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  1. charlyrock1968
  2. Love
  3. Monday, March 18 2013, 08:04 PM
Will I ever find love, support and companionship?:(
I really need love in my life.
Im soo tired of struggling by myself.
I finally completely closed the door on past.
I let go of all the heartache and regrets!
Ive been dateless for awhile now because if I dont
Have a good options Id rather be alone.
However sometimes it seems as though thats how it gonna stay.
I have no idea what happen to Ray any ideas?
Or should I stop hoping?
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Hello charlyrock, when I read this I noticed a sense of familiarity with the sentiments you expressed. I had experienced something like this years ago. My relationship with an ex, my most recent ex as a matter of fact, seemed stagnant. It got to the point that there was nothing anybody could tell me that would positively affect the outcome of my relationship with him. That whole "set him free and if he comes back it was meant to be" was a farse. I set him free and got him back, and by then, I no longer wanted him. I began to feel that if he and I were to work then it should have worked out already. I was tired of him playing magician and playing games. I wanted somebody I felt comfortable with, a man who allowed me to be myself. I found him, when I was not even looking for him. He loved me despite my many flaws and I loved him for just simply being him!! My point is this, if you have to consult numerous sources to try and "fix" your relationship with Ray, then your relationship should not be with him. Let him go and move on already. You are wasting too much time trying to hold on to somebody who is not worth that time and energy. Let yourself find somebody who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. You are moving into another phase of your life. I feel strongly that you are going to find somebody who follows the "good people attract good people, and bad people attract bad people" mantra. Your aura is filled with many hues of yellow and white light. Letting go of your regrets and focusing on your "rebirth" will rid you of some of the negative energy surrounding you. Meditation techniques have a very calming effect on the huiman body. You may discover things about yourself that yoou were not even aware of. I highly recommend you trying meditation. It is through this that I see you being introduced to a new, possible mate. I hope that something I wrote helps. Best of luck. :-)
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