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  1. kay
  2. Tarot
  3. Sunday, September 08 2013, 04:15 AM
Is it fine if I seek advice or what you feel about my new project in my current company. I'm thinking about other possible way in which I could somehow avoid that project. What are the opportunities I could explore?

I've already seen the members of this project. Honestly, I don't feel I belong here-I think our personalities will not fit in a long run. Although, I am really sure now that it is one of those good type project since it deals with implementation than support.

Am right in thinking my potential will be limited here (wouldn't be best in this type of environment) and it's better to do my best to reassign to a new project although there's no guarantee/risk of getting an implem project again and it will be good? Do you sense the same thing?

Or am I letting go of a golden opportunity/project here? I'm strategizing too much.

If I am going to let go of this project and change my current capability it will be more technical deals with security. The more that I don't have any background on these.

I'm also afraid they would not let me decline this project or they would agree but put me in a bad project since I am new to this company/no right to demand.

Do you think I should try to request to reassign but still same capability, retrain for another capability or stick with my first project-randomly picked for me?

Unfortunately, you can't select your project in these company unless you are of power.

If I do request for reassignment and they declined-which means I'm staying. I'm afraid people will get the news they will take it against me.

Thanks and much respect!
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