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  1. Prettypoodle1922
  2. Love
  3. Thursday, January 23 2014, 12:57 AM
Nate opened up and revealed to me through text that he has trust issues with women, which was a complete downer. Now I'm wondering if he even trust anything I say at all. He also said that he doesn't see his self in a relationship for a while till he can be himself. How can I prove to him that all women are not like his ex? I'm feeling like what's the point.
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Star_Gazer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello. How do you illustrate that you are not like his ex? Well for starters he should be willing to give you a chance because you are not his ex. Assuming that you will hurt him the same way his ex did is not fair to you. Your actions will speak volumes to him over your words and he needs to be handled with tenderness. On the same note, he has to treat you right also. Any interaction between two or more people is a relationship. Any good relationship is a two way street of give and take. Sometimes you may need to give a little more because he will take a little more from you. He should be willing to do the same for you when you need it. Excuses about his bad relationship with an ex is just that, a bad excuse. Allowing him to do as he pleases all the time because of that excuse is only going to enable him to keep it up. I hope things work out for both of you! :)
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