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I'm usually very good at taking responsibility for my own happiness and not pinning that responsibility on a man or being in a relationship. But these last few days I've been in this deep hole, because of course I too want to be loved - and now I'm (again) starting to doubt it will ever happen.
Sometimes I wish I would know just the approximate "when, where and who" - just to be able to let go of the desperation and relax. At times I even think knowing if it is never going to happen would be somewhat of a relief.
So does anyone pick up anything that could give me at bit of peace and ease of mind?
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Monday, March 11 2013, 06:58 AM
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    Tuesday, March 12 2013, 02:40 AM - #permalink
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    Hello danish pastry, I can understand how you are feeling and appreciate you sharing these sentiments. Often, people have a hard time expressing such thoughts or feelings verbally, they would rather act out and sometimes inappropriately. When I was in a similair situation years ago i remember what friends had told me. If I don't feel that I love myself and that nobody else will ever love me, then that self-fulfilling prophecy will come true. If you don't love yourself other people can see that. The energy surrounding you is negative, clouded, and sometimes toxic. Your body language and appearance are dead giveaways, and men especially can pick this up. Good guys will try to nurture you and build you up while the not-so-nice guys may try to take advantage of you. They feel that you are powerless and willing to be controlled in order to prove your worth to them, and earn their love. These male and female roles can be reversed too. I feel that you need to focus your energy and attention elsewhere right now. Where, might you ask? Why on yourself , of course! The reason for this is that you will undoubtedly do something to better yourself and in turn you will feel more optimistic about your situation in life. Others, including possible mates will pick up on this vibe and they will make a beeline toward you. True love will find you when you least expect it. More than likely it will develop when you are not looking for it at that moment and a good friend, you will realize, is your soulmate. Good luck to you! :-)
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