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  1. Califa
  2. General Readings
  3. Sunday, March 09 2014, 12:22 PM
I ended the horrible job, need to file tax, but my ex-employer refused to give to me.
I am so scared that he is playing a game to force me to pay higher tax rates.
This happened to me before and it is a very painful memory.

Why do I often meet with these dark energy employers?
I don't think my subconscious mind is making it happen.
Is it my fate? What can I do?
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Accepted Answer
Star_Gazer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello, I am very happy to hear you ended your work relationship with this employer. You are correct about him being consumed with negative energy. I believe that you are entitled to your tax information from this job. Please consult legal advice. I feel it will greatly benefits you. Once you accomplish this task you will draw positive energy to you that will push the negative energy away. After this you will feel more peaceful, and a decent employment opportunity will come your way. Good luck! :)
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