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So far I'm making good progress in terms of working on improving my emotional health. The same is true for my organization skills as I have been researching organizing and household cleaning solutions for people with ADHD and found the following to be extremely helpful in keeping me on track with my household chores as well as making them not seem so daunting: keeping a list of the most essential chores that need to be done regularly both for me and my parents to be safe and happy. Then keeping that list in a folder on the computer desktop along with a monthly chore calendar and weekly planner where each chore is color coded for easy reference. This has really helped to put things into better perpective for me in seeing that chores don't really take up as much time out of my day as I used to imagine they did and thus they don't seem like such an overwhelming ordeal anymore and as a result I feel much better about myself from being a more productive person. ;) Now with all the present stuff out of the way I am anxious to find out what's in store for me in the near future in the following areas of my life.

*.) My employment situation: I have a strong feeling that something is going to change in this area soon as I applied this past Saturday for a teller job at a credit union I've been dying to work at for quite a long time that just opened up and see myself moving up in over time.

*.) Getting my incorrect autism diagnosis permanently removed from my medical and school records: While seeing my Neurologist for migraines he didn't seem interested in doing a ** hour EEG to confirm that a rare seizure disorder called Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, which my psychiatrist says I more likely have, because my language regression, staring spells, and hearing sounds loud at age */** happened so long ago that it would be impossible to determine the real cause of my language loss. However, I still have sudden seizure-like spasms and jerks throughout my body that only happen at night as I am drifting off to sleep that I usually can sense coming on that have since mysteriously vanished after he upped my migraine medication (which by the way happens to be an anti-seizure med as well) and seizures that occur during sleep are a hallmark feature of LKS and it is important for me to know for sure because I am intent on suing the psychologist in Lakeland, FL who originally diagosed autism for medical malpractice for my language regression occured after ** months old and I lost more developed language consisting of two words strung together whereas in autistic regression language loss almost always occurs before ** months and involves loss of single words. That in itself should have clued him in to a seizure disorder and led him to refer me to a neurologist for a sleep EEG instead of slapping an unwarranted autism diagnosis that shouldn't have been made in the first place. Thus he failed in following the standard of care that he should have followed, and was therefore negligent, and for that he must be held accountable not just for my sake but for other innocent children who might potentially be in harm's way. I go to see my psychiatrist again on December ** and in preperation I did some in depth research and drew up a diagram comparing the similarities and differences between Landau-Kleffner Syndrome and Regressive autism to discuss with her and compared them to the symptoms that were described in the medical records I currently have and the descriptions are fitting more in line with Landau-Kleffner than with autism. I am also sending off for my psychological evaluation reports from a university whose experts determined that my relatedness was not that of an autistic child and from whom I found out I was misdiagnosed. From this I would like to know, am I doing all the right things here, or is there more I could be doing to help in my efforts?

*.) My love life: I am currently working on bringing out into the open all the irrational beliefs that I believe are subconsciously blocking me from being able to love myself as well as accept, recieve and give love freely so that I can challenge and refute them so that I can replace them with more healthy beliefs that will enable me to attract love into my life rather than drive it away like I have been doing for too long.

*.) My finances: I dream of someday moving to either Santa Fe, New Mexico or somewhere in the LA area in order to get into the film business as I know some people in that industry. That is, after establishing myself in my career, getting back to work on my acting and saving up a nest egg. I'm just wondering, how long will it take for me to save up enough money to save up enough in order to be able to fulfill that dream and how much would I need to save?

*.) Meeting Zahn: When is the soonest I will likely meet my favorite Native American actor and dear friend Zahn McClarnon in person and where? And what effect will it likely have on our friendship bond?

*.) My Script: I have a completed script for a movie and another in progress that I want to send to a producer friend of Zahn's for consideration, but having only been Facebook friends with him a few months, I know now's not the right time because I don't know him well enough, but when will be the right time to pitch it to him?
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Sunday, November 11 2012, 07:48 PM
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