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  1. songbird21
  2. Love
  3. Monday, February 03 2014, 07:59 PM
Hello, I have been seeing a man since September of ****. He initiated a break with my in December and we have been on this break ever since. He is hot and cold with me; it seems like we go through closer times and more distant times (the distance is mainly on his part). There is a woman from his past that he never met, but kept is close contact with until he broke her heart. She will not speak to him, and hasn't since a short time before we met. He has spent time with me since this break, and we keep in some form of contact daily, but I'm wondering what will become of us from this point?
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hey songbird, I definitely feel you need to move on. He is not worth your time or effort. It seems too me that he is playing some mind games with you and leading you on. He seems too be confused with what he wants. this is not fair too you. If he was as serious as you are in trying to rebuild this relationship he would have tried too make things work and be patient. its like when someone goes fishing he keeps throwing the bait out there when ever he wants you too come. Its time not too bite that hook anymore and move on because there are people out there for you and its not him. I can see arguments and pain and sadness if you continue on and try too get with him again. This needs too come too an end. Its time too end this vacation and move. Tell him you are done. its going too hurt but its going too hurt worse staying with him. The pain will last longer if you stay with him but shorter when you move on. I really hope I helped give you the answer you needed because this is what I feel.
Sincerely Ms.Italiano
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