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  1. Lauralaura
  2. Love
  3. Thursday, March 27 2014, 10:48 PM
I've gone through two relationships, one of which was a bad heartbreak. A few months ago I met someone who I thought was an amazing guy, and he liked me too, but then he completely did a 180 and ended up breaking my heart. I'm just so sick of past failing relationships, either because I settled for second best or things dissipated again. If like to know when I next fall in love.
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Star_Gazer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The next time you fall in love will be when you are not looking. You will be working on bettering you and achieving your dreams. You'll spend time with family and friends and your newfound confidence will permeate the atmosphere. There will be a positive glow around you, and then your eyes will meet. You'll look straight into the eyes of your soul mate's. You will start as friends and evolve accordingly. There will be no games, no labels, just the moment when you know that you are both in love with each other. I wish you luck!
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