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  1. kingofgames0012
  2. Love
  3. Saturday, April 05 2014, 03:56 AM
I've been hoping that I would find someone soon or that they would find me, but my luck is just bad right now and I can't seem to catch a break. No one seems to like me and I have tried putting myself out there for everyone to see but nothing has happened. I'm tired of sitting here being alone and watching all of my friends be happy with their girlfriends and boyfriends, which in turn makes me feel miserable, especially since my recent ex who hurt me pretty bad is now starting to get with someone. So I ask, when will I find love? How much longer do I have to endure this loneliness?
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I'm sorry you are hurting so much. I can feel how strongly you long to be in love with somebody. Just don't choose a "somebody" or "anybody" . Choose "the one" . This person is not somebody you can put yourself out there to find. That will yield you possible romance, intimacy, a baby, but not love. True love comes when you are not looking. It happens when you stand up at work, immediately catching the gaze of a person with beautiful emerald eyes, and you begin talking. The connection can occur when you fall of a chair in a coffee shop , and a gorgeous brown haired person catches the remnants of a now cold macchiato , and your arm before you hit the dirty floor. They then surprise you with a replacement beverage. When your guard is down, and you are being yourself, comfortable, no acts, or airs, then you are vulnerable. This allows somebody to grab onto you. A person who sees something about you that isn't one hundred percent perfect and they stay. They stay and your bond grows stronger. You really are soul mates. They saw beyond you imperfections and perfection and found you. You in your entirety all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why? Because they see the wonderful, true you! You cannot settle for , or seek out the right fit for you. The right person will just happen. They may be a close friend right now, a coworker, or a stranger passing by. When your eyes meet, or you graze each others hands, you'll feel a spark and you'll know they're the one.:)
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  2. Love
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