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  1. kingofgames0012
  2. General Questions
  3. Monday, April 21 2014, 02:07 AM
I see everyone around me either having a child already or just got pregnant and I want to know when it will be my turn to be a father. Also while me and my ex wife were married she miscarried the day right after we were married and I wanted to know what gender it was and if it was mine, I feel so bad not knowing anything about the child that would have been and I need some answers please.
Very sorry for your loss. Sometimes things just do not make sense.
  1. Gimel
  2. 4 years ago
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Hello, I can appreciate your situation and feelings. Many people around me have children or are having children. I have stepchildren, and while I love them, it is not the same as nurturing a child of my very own, who would call me mom. I have felt that when it is my time, and my turn to procreate, it will just happen. This assertion has helped me quite a bit. I have also miscarried, and when I sleep at night, sometimes her spirit finds me and talks to me. I know what she looks like, her name, and the fact that she is ok and at peace. When you are sleeping, keep watch, you may get a visit from a youngster! It's a great experience!:)
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