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Was there some reason for why I got involved with that one person and almost got depressed because of him? :(
posted in General Readings
Friday, June 15 2012, 10:49 AM
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Accepted Answer

Tuesday, June 19 2012, 07:12 PM - #permalink
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There are lessons to be learned in life and not all of them are easy. We come across those lessons while we walk through life, and unfortunately we can't choose when they come, and often they come as a string of multiple bad ones. It isn't always clear to us why things happen, especially not while they happen or shortly after. In time you will see that you learned more about yourself, what you can endure, as well as some life lessons, from last year. I don't feel that all of them will become obvious to you at the same time, more likely over a period of time. I also feel that the relationship you had with that person has in some way, conscious or not, opened your eyes to what you look for in people, a friend or a spouse, which is a very important self discovery to learn in life. I feel that now is a time to move forward with healing, remember the good and learn from the not so good.

Hope some of this helps, K
  • saltsuma
    more than a month ago
    Thank you, you helped me a lot! :)
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