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Monday, April 01 2013, 03:06 PM - #permalink
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Salutations Annabelle,

I honestly feel he needs to sort through some personal matters. Giving him the space he needs even though it is so very difficult is the correct course of action. Once things become clearer to him, I expect he will return to your life. I feel that he has some "loose ends" to tie up before moving forward with you. Giving him the time he needs shows that you are spiritually mature, and willing to meet his needs on that level.

I feel that when he is ready you will find a deeper connection with him than before your break. I sense that because of your deep understanding and acceptance of his spiritual needs a stronger spiritual bond forms between you when you finally reunite with him.

However, I expect this process to take several months so do not become alarmed as time passes and decide to hit the “panic button”. Just move forward with your life occasionally letting him know (in a reassuring manner) that you are still a friend if he needs to talk. Keep communication open, but do not force it upon him. Letting him sort through his issues at his own pace is best here.

Best wishes and I feel your spirit is on the right path here.
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    Tuesday, April 02 2013, 11:58 AM - #permalink
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    Awesome insight and response. I didn't hear from him (as he promised and that wasn't like him) so I took a chance and went to see him before work this morning (very early). He seemed very surprised to see me but I was totally nonconfrontational and very loving. I told him that I wanted the opportunity to talk in person (and this is always best - texts and emails lose so much).

    He said he wasn't "sure" what "had happened" but he would figure it out. I told him that I was always truthful with him and never had pushed nor expected anything of him but gave him my unconditional love.. I told him that I am here for him should he change his mind. I do hope that he recalls the wonderful time we enjoyed together and whatever he must work through before he can turn his attention back to our relationship will be done. I will not contact him again unless in a couple of weeks I haven't heard from him just to tell him I'm thinking of him.

    I appreciate your thoughtful response.
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