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  1. kingofgames0012
  2. Love
  3. Wednesday, January 29 2014, 02:44 AM
This is our third time dating, we got back together on the 21st and she told me she loved me to death and that I was EVERYTHING she wanted in a man. She was happy with me until the next night when she went to the hospital and ever since then she will barely text me at all. I've asked her if ive done something wrong but she says i haven't and that nothing is wrong. I don't remember doing anything to upset her and it's stressing me out that she won't even respond to me unless i say i have something to tell her or ask her. I picked her up this past monday and went to see my cousin and her newborn in the hospital, the entire time from when I picked up my girlfriend until after i dropped her off at home, she was all happy and even kissed me before i left her house. When I got home though, she was back to barely talking to me again. I feel a very strong connection with her, I always have and I believe that she's my soul mate, i really don't want to lose her. I love her and her daughter more than anything and i don't want to lose them. Please help give me some insight on what she's feeling, because she won't tell me directly.

P.S. If you could also answer this I would greatly appreciate it. She has said that she's been stressed out by her family and neighbors as of late and I've offered her to come stay with me if she wanted. Do you see her moving in with me anytime soon? I'm not trying to rush things with her but her mom doesn't like me and is always talking bad about me, and is also getting onto my girlfriend for getting onto her daughter when she does something bad and is telling my girlfriend what her daughter can or can't do.
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello king of games. I didn't even have too tell you that she was stressed out with family matters. i also get that she is stressed out with her baby father. i feel that she feels guilty and confused. She does love you i can see that clearly. She is just going through a rough patch right now and the best thing too do is be as patient as possible and too be supportive too her. Her family and baby father seem too be messing with her emotions but i know for sure that she loves you and that she couldn't be more happier. i feel that as long as you stay supportive of her she will love you more and more. I do feel you need too address her about the distance shes keeping with you tho. Tell her it hurts and you get confused and you often feel she does not love you as much as she claims. Reassure her you are not starting anything but you just care about her so much and you don't want too be hurt. buy her some roses or write a poem. Tell her you love her and tell her everyday even if she ignores you. I hope i helped.
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