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I am in love with W. He is sweet but is much different than anyone I've ever dated.. He disappears (or I don't hear from him) for a week or so, then I hear from him every day. It is almost as if he has "intimacy issues" but I don't know. I don't sit around & "wait" for him, I try to just go on and live my life. But, I am asking if he and I will ever get more serious than things are now. Will he trust me enough to allow me to get close to him? Thank you so much;)
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Friday, June 15 2012, 04:50 PM
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Friday, June 15 2012, 10:24 PM - #permalink
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You are right when you say he has intimacy issues. He is scared of being vulnerable, its almost a habit now instead of just a subconscious fear. I feel things will develop if you have the patience to put up with it for now.
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    Sunday, June 17 2012, 11:10 AM - #permalink
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    Thank you destinyplease. I know W has "issues" w/his ex-wife. She has grown children (not his) and she uses them to keep him coming around (because he raised them) and I suppose he feels "obligated" or something. He has recently lost his job, and I am only making "educated guesses" in this but I feel she is using his personal situation to keep a hold on him. Of course, HE must break the noose. I know this man loves me. I feel he is torn between the "easy way" which would be to go along with her, or to take a chance with me. Since he has been hurt in the past, this would cause most people to hesitate. I have continued dating and going out. But my heart is connected to him in a powerful (Karmic) way. I've never felt this way before. So powerful. I hope (for his sake) he doesn't allow this manipulation to continue much longer. And until he stops it, he won't come to me. I appreciate your insight. If anyone else has any further insight or energy-feelings about I would appreciate your input. Blessings to you.
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