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  1. nurseteen
  2. Love
  3. Saturday, March 29 2014, 11:18 PM
Hello Wondering if BF and I will ever be back together or are we done for good? Last I eard from him was last tuesday when he told me very bluntly to not contact hm again. He doesnt want anything to do with me. But..weve been down that road before. I always chased him back and i refuse to now.
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Star_Gazer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello, do not play this game anymore! I am sorry to be blunt, but I can feel the game playing here.He knows how to illicit certain responses from you, and how you operate. The times he came back were a waste of your time. He keeps you there in case he needs you. That is not love, and not worth waiting on. Why would you want to give your all to a person who gives you five percent of his? You deserve better, and that, my dear, is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled!
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  2. Love
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