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  1. DanyelleP
  2. Love
  3. Sunday, March 02 2014, 09:05 PM
I made a mistake three months ago and now it is haunting me and the truth is being threatened to be told to my husband. We have been having problems and I want to work on them and keep my marriage but I don't want my husband to know what I did. Will he ever find out?
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Hello, unfortunately I feel strongly that he is going to find out about your secret. Part of what is haunting you is your conscience urging you to come clean. The other part of what is haunting you is guilt. Unfortunately, bad news spreads like wildfire. People who are holding it over your head are waiting for the right time to launch their attack. They have a power over you and you need to take back control. Your husband is going to find out, he may have heard things already. He is more likely to be forgiving if you tell him about it instead of hearing all of the sordid details from another party. The other option is to deny everything that he could hear from others, unless there's proof of what you did. This option, however, will not bring you peace. If there's no proof of what transpired, then consider your options closely. Does he deserve to know about something that you did, that could hurt him, just to clear your conscience? Weigh the pros and cons of each option. If you decide to tell him, be gentle and not overly descriptive. Try not to include a lot of detail. I wish you good luck!:-)
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