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  1. Nickdemon1
  2. Love
  3. Monday, April 28 2014, 07:01 PM
Will I ever find a loving partner? I have only ever had one girlfriend over fifteen years ago,and I wonder if i will EVER find someone to love me. I was born at seven fifty three P.M on November, twenty two in nineteen seventy five in Arlington Heights,Illinois. I have always felt that I was unworthy that someone outside the family would ever love and want to be with me.I have felt this way ever since I was first aware of girls and relationships at a very young age. I know I am a good, moral,considerate person,yet I feel I was cursed with not possessing any attractive qualities.Females just don't seem to see any value in me beyond a friend,and those have been few and far between.Any girl I have ever been friends with have always been an unobtainable goal.And at my age,I feel my fate is sealed
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