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Wednesday, April 03 2013, 04:34 AM - #permalink
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Hi, glad to see you again. I received you private message and feel that you will definitely be accepted to law school. However, I am still consulting the cards as to which one(s). I definitely get a good feeling about your acceptance though. I feel very strongly that you will hear very soon (definitely this month) from the school in question.

I see very good things in your future. The only thing that concerns me is you seem a little distracted. Try to stay focused. This does not mean do not have any fun at all, but rather "everything in moderation". I feel that you will need to balance your act a little better to achieve the success you desire.

I definitely feel it within your grasp to master the skills need to prioritize based on importance and urgency. I sense that making a four column list (a spreadsheet would be best) may help you to delegate responsibility more effectively.

In the first column list your "to do" items.
Label the second column importance.
Label the third column urgency.
Label the fourth column weighted grade.

Give each item in the "to do" list a grade from one to ten for urgency and importance

Then add the two numbers together and record them in the weighted grade column.

Next Sort them from the highest to lowest weighted grade.

Then do the items with the highest grade in numerical order delegating any of the lower sums to another person.

This process will help you maintain a higher level of organization while freeing up a little time for you.

I will get back to you soon on this thread if i get a firm reading on the school or schools that accept you into their program.
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    Wednesday, April 03 2013, 08:45 AM - #permalink
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    Thanks Gimel! :) I appreciate your answer. I can't wait to know which law school will accept me! :)
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    Wednesday, April 03 2013, 10:20 AM - #permalink
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    It may come sooner than I thought. I think that I already know one of the law schools that will accept me. Thanks for calming me down on that front because I was starting to get worried about it. I thought that my LSAT score wouldn't be good enough to get me in to any law school and it turns out that it may be alright now. Thanks again for the information. :) That may also be why you thought that I was distracted from my studies. I was petrified that I wouldn't get into law school.
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