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  1. Keith
  2. General Questions
  3. Saturday, August 31 2013, 02:21 AM
This year is not a good year for me. First of my dad passing away in May. During my dad's last years live he would drink alot and I would hate him for that because he was very annoying when he was drunk. I'm just like my dad. I've been drinking twice this week. The same thing that I hate him doing.

Anyways, my mom, sister, and me lived with my uncle and aunt from hell. They tried to control my sister by telling her that she couldn't be with her boyfriend. My uncle is very creepy. He was calling my sister baby... She was his favorite even he told us he didn't have a favorite. I'm so glad that he is not around my sister anymore. They was helping my family but I believe that they was planning something. I don't know why but I've a bad feeling around them.

After getting that off my chest I feel better. Will things start looking up for me?
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Ms.Italiano_1994 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Well one thing I can tell you kieth I'd you should do some research on how alcohol is not good for you and why. Its not good for your souls. If you continue to do what your dad did regarding alcohol your life will not get better and you will not move on. You definitely need to think about the alcohol. If you stop drinking and keep your head up life will get better. Drinking is only going to make it worse.
Sincerely, Ms.Italiano
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