Numerology seeks to examine the future through numbers. It identifies core personality traits based on numerical values. Some interesting Numerological numbers include birth path number, destiny number, name number, personal year number, and Karmic number (or life lesson number). We will show you how to calculate your destiny and name number, in this article.

Calculating your destiny number requires you to use the numbers in your date of birth. First, add all the single digits together. If your answer is a two-digit number, simplify it by adding up the single digits that makes up that two-digit number until you arrive at a single digit number; which is your destiny number. There is an exception to this rule, however, the numbers eleven and twenty-two are special cases and should be evaluated as the two digit number eleven or twenty-two.

Calculating your name number requires you to convert the letters in your name to a corresponding numerical value. The number one represents A, J, and S. The number Two represents B, K, and T. The number Three represents C, L, and U. The number Four represents D, M, and V. The number five represents E, N, and W. The number six represents F, O, and X. The number seven represents G, P, and Y. The number eight represents H, Q, and Z, The number nine represents R and I.

Once you record the numbers that correspond to your name, you need to add them together. Adding these numbers together until you get a single digit gives you your name number. The exception to this would be the numbers eleven and twenty-two, which are a very powerful numbers and have special properties about them (primarily because of the dichotomous relationship the individual numbers and their sum exhibit).
Here is a short list of the numerological traits of the numbers that may help you, in your reading. This is by no means an exhaustive definition of these numbers. However, they should suffice for a brief excursion into your personal numbers.

• The number 1, in Numerology, signifies the traits of leadership, innovation, and independence.

• The number 2, in Numerology, signifies the traits of subservience, timidity, and versatility.

• The number 3, in Numerology, signifies the traits of versatility, litheness, and the subconscious.

• The number 4, in Numerology, signifies the traits of frugality, stability, and loyalty.

• The number 5, in Numerology, signifies the traits of spontaneity, impatience, and brashness.

• The number 6, in Numerology, signifies the traits of romance, peace, and beauty.

• The number 7, in Numerology, signifies the traits of logic, values, and the mind's eye.

• The number 8, in Numerology, signifies the traits of drive, purpose, and nerve.

• The number 9, in Numerology, signifies the traits of spirituality, humanitarianism, and psychic ability.

• The number 11, in Numerology, signifies the traits of independence, leadership, and subservience.

• The number 22, in Numerology, signifies the traits of security, completion, and perfection.

We hope that you enjoyed this short exercise in Numerology. Feel free to print out a comprehensive report from our automated Numerology report generator. It contains a plethora of invaluable information about the numbers that matter most in your life.

Numerology Report
Enter Name:
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The Number 5:
Esoteric Correlations
Astrology:Mercury, Venus, Taurus, Leo
I Ching:Chien
Tree of Life:Geburah and Severity (Power)
Hebrew Letter:He and Nun
Shamanism:Bull Elephant
Element:Air and Fire
Aura:Earth tones
Gemstones:Turquoise and Aquamarine
Crystals:Muscovite, Hornblende
Week Day:Tuesday
Lucky Numbers:5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, and 59
Flora:Carnation, Gardenia, and Primrose