Free Psychic Network proudly introduces our handpicked psychic and spiritual directory. We feel these psychic sites to merit a link as our esteemed visitors may find them interesting. Moreover, these psychic sites have proven to us their integrity, good moral fiber, and commitment to light work. Upon expert review, we feel that these sites show quality content that we feel our visitors might enjoy.

We list our resources in categories so that you can find them easier. Just navigate to the category that most interests you in order to view the links and resources in that category.

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Astrology Astrology Resources

Astrological resources of the highest quality. Offering a wide range of services, products, and expert information.

Occult and Magic Magic & Occult Resources

Sites that offer magic spells and occult products. Qaulity talisman and potion makers are also listed in this category.

Paranormal Paranormal Resources

Sites dedictaed to the study of the paranormal are listed in this category. Ghost hunters, investigators, and UFO sites make up alrge portion of this categories content.

Spiritual Psychic & Spiritual Resources

Psychic sites in all genres like: intuitives, clairvoyants, and mediums. You may also find related shops and stores related to the estoric disciplnes typically associated with divination.

Tarot Tarot Resources

All cartomancy and tarot sites that offer online services. We also list sites that sell cards, offer classes, and provide expert articles.

Religous Religion & Spiritual Enlightenment

All religions and enlightened new age sites can be found in this category. Sites that offer religous e-books, authoritative articles, event listings, and classe are listed here as well.

Art Spiritual Art Resources

Art works from artists specializing in the spiritual and esoteric. Category includes spiritual works like Mandalas, psychic art, and surrealism.