The Ace of Hearts

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is a method of divination that uses standard playing cards. During the 14th century playing cards gained popularity across Europe. These cards believed to have been brought back from the crusades where used primarily for parlor games. However, it was not long before they made their way into the fortune-telling circle. One of the most famous cartomancers was Madame Lenormand. She gave readings to very prominent people in society including the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte.

This section of the site contains a playing card reading with several different spreads. These spreads resemble standard tarot spreads; however, the most popular cartomancy methodologies like “seven up” and “the wheel of fortune” are unique to playing cards. For reference, we include the “seven up” method and card meanings below the automated oracle spread selection so that if you care to try a reading at home using standard playing cards you may.

How to do a Playing Card Reading: Instructions and Reference

Instructions for an at Home Playing Card Reading using the "7 UP" Method:

First, you will need a standard deck of playing cards. Take the cards and remove the cards numbered two through six in all four suits. Next, shuffle the cards while you concentrate on your question.

Now, deal six cards face up in a straight line. Then shuffle the cards again while concentrating on your question. Deal six cards in the same straight-line slightly overlapping the first set of cards on the left side, but below the top card marker of the first card.

Finally, shuffle the cards a third time while concentrating on your question and deal them in the same straight line slightly overlapping the right side of the first line of the first six cards you dealt. You should now have three lines of six cards with two of these lines overlapping the first line of cards you dealt on the left and right, but slightly below the top card marker (near the mid-line of the first card is best).

In order to interpret the cards you must know what each line represents. The first set of three cards represents you. The second set represents your family. The third set of three cards represents your friends. The fourth set of three cards represents what you desire. The fifth set of three cards represents the unexpected. The sixth set of three cards represents the ultimate outcome or answer to your query. You may use the reference table provided here to discern the meaning of the cards. However, if you like you may also use any other cartomancy reference available to you.

HeartsThis suit reflects the the emotional aspects of life like interpersonal relationships, love, romance, and familial relationships.
ClubsThis suit embodies our interactions with the world around us like speaking, listening, and physical activity.
DiamondsThis suit represents our financial position in life like money, career, and business ventures.
SpadesThis suit represents our overall well being like physical health, mental state, and karmic path.
Card Group234
AcesYou find long-term commitment.Your business endeavors require finesse and articlulation.Your efforts are met with an extremely positive outcome.
KingsYou receive a small acknowledgment of your past efforts.Your status is elevated.Your deeds receive just rewards.
QueensPeople you know snoop into your affairs in an intrusive manner.Minor drama and gossip abounds near you.Major drama unfolds in your life because of slander and gossip.
JacksA verbal exchange of words or heated debate occurs.A heated discussion with hurt feelings ensues.You experience a major disagreement or argument with a fiery outcome.
TensGood fortune sends a small finacial blessing your way.Hard times fall upon your finances.You find some hot tips that look like they may pan out going forward.
NinesAn unexpected event brings good things into your life.Your prayers are answered.Lady luck is your co-pilot, and you experience a run of good luck.
EightsA heated romance develops in your love life.Your stress levels reach the breaking point, and worry consumes you.Your anxiety stricken, and unable to cope effectively.
SevensSubterfuge abounds in your life.You find that you are with child.You experience a "scene" that involves a public setting.
AcesHeartsJoy and Love
KingsHeartsAn equitable light skinned older male.
QueensHeartsA light skinned giving older female.
JacksHeartsA young man with chivalrous qualities.
TensHeartsYou experience good luck
NinesHeartsPrayers answered
EightsHeartsAn unexpected gift at an unexpected time.
SevensHeartsAn insincere love interest.
AcesClubsIt's the right time to invest.
KingsClubsA good natured dark haired male.
QueensClubsAn amicable but loquacious dark haired woman.
JacksClubsAn outlandish dark haired young man.
TensClubsYour business prospers.
NinesClubsWealth is headed your way.
EightsClubsYou gain a little extra money.
SevensClubsA young personable woman with dark hair.
AcesDiamondsYou receive message regarding change.
KingsDiamondsAn older male with light colored hair.
QueensDiamondsA petty aggressive light haired woman.
JacksDiamondsA young light haired male bureaucrat.
TensDiamondsFinancial gain changes your life.
NinesDiamondsNew business prospects.
EightsDiamondsEmployment  may be on the horizon.
SevensDiamondsSquabbling over money.
AcesSpadesVery bad luck.
KingsSpadesA lawyer or advocate.
QueensSpadesA single widow or divorcee.
JacksSpadesAn envious enemy.
TensSpadesAnxiety, stress, and malaise.
NinesSpadesA bad accident.
EightsSpadesA dangerous situation.
SevensSpadesVery bad advice or counsel.